Making Space for Ghosts

Written by Jackson Eflin

The Digital Literature Review class had a visit from Anthropologist Dr. Cailín Murray on August 20th, who told us about recording the stories told to her about the disruption of a Native American burial ground.  She told us that when recording stories, it is vital to “Encounter, and document, with humility.”  Several weeks ago I had the chance to attend an exorcism, and have tried to do just that.  Names have been changed for privacy.

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Dr. Deborah Mix Interviews Anthropologist Dr. Tok Thompson About His Course on Ghost Stories

Tok Thompson is an associate professor of Anthropology at the University of Southern California. His research and teaching has focused on folklore, and he’s the author of the book Ireland’s Pre-Celtic Archaeological and Anthropological Heritage and of numerous articles and book chapters on folklore and popular culture. He developed and teaches a class at USC titled “Ghost Stories Throughout Time and Around the World,” and he was kind enough to agree to answer some questions about ghost stories and what haunts us.

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